Monday mix

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Crack & Shine

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Crack & Shine International *TRAILER* from Topsafe London on Vimeo.

Monkey Business

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Deadly Wrath

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Closing reception date coming soon

Back in Motion

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Great show coming up next week in Huntington Beach with some very talented artists from Tattoo Land along side with your humble servants and friends from the UGLARBOOK crew. Tons of great art work including some new pieces from both Tattoo Land and UGLAR members. Opening reception Feb 4th, 2011 from 8pm – 1am show runs until Mar 4th, 2011

Pancakes & Booze Art Show

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Please help attached flyer to send out, pass out, or distribute any way you like…


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On Saturday, December 11th, at 685 Venice Blvd, Venice, CA (Old Venice Jail), SPARC’s historic headquarters since 1977, SPARC’s Planet Siqueiros series presents a politically themed exhibition entitled: Illusions of Grime: The Confinement of Street Art. The exhibition will feature the works of nine L.A.-based graffiti artists: Dtwo, Brek, Sonji, Never, Gash 86, Silvana Jeyd Paredes, Tank One, Gustavo Muñoz (curator), Myron Reyes and urban beats by Jratmonster.

SPARC’s Illusions of Grime exhibit will unify the voices of L.A.’s censored street artists, both muralists and graffiti artists alike, featuring works that reflect the destruction, removal and neglect of L.A.’s world-renowned murals and the criminalization of graffiti art in LA. Illusions of Grime ask us to consider the social impact of the criminalization of the graffiti art form. Walls that once had murals are now being used as set up tactics by law enforcement to catch graffiti artists; according to the creators of the exhibit, the set-up tactics are being used to stop the graffiti art culture all together.

Please leave a comment when you visit. It’s like visiting a place where there is a guest book by the front door. Before you EXIT If you are in a hurry a few words will do it. THANK YOU!

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